Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing True North. 

Booking & Deposit- Please be advised that to book an order we require a deposit of 50% minimum and the remaining balance upon completion. Delivery starts at $80 within Kawartha Lakes and increases based on your location.

Timelines- When you book your order, we will provide you with an estimated turn around time, this is an estimate based on our current workload and can vary. Any early completion dates or delays will be communicated to you during the process. I cannot stress enough that this is custom work and although we try to estimate a good timeline it is very difficult and will often vary. 

Replication- If you have provided images to have a piece replicated we will do our best to replicate the piece for you however every piece is handcrafted and can vary, our piece may not be a 100% replication of the photo you provide.

Humidity Control- when it comes to solid wood furniture we do our best to ensure that we are buying top grade well dried material. All of our hardwoods are kiln dried between 6-8% and soft woods dried beteen 10-15%. Although we take good measures on our end to ensure good quality it is important that your home is able to also accommodate solid wood furnishings. Every home in North America will fluctuate in the seasons being more humid in the summer and dry in the winter. It is important that you keep your home no more then 50% and no less then 30% in humidity levels to ensure a sound environment for solid wood pieces. There are many ways to control the levels of humidity in your home and to keep track on the level. If your home is not kept between the standard humidity levels this can result in damages to the wood and the pieces. Humidity levels are very important period in your home to avoid mild growth or severe dryness. Before we deliver your pieces it is important that we know that you have checked the humidity levels in your home to ensure the best environment for your pieces. 

Deficiencies- If you happen to notice any deficiencies when your piece(s) arrive please take note, take photos and let us know asap so we can best manage the situation.

Outdoor Furniture- All pieces that are built for outdoor use are assembled differently then our indoor pieces to allow more room for shrinkage.  It is best that if you're going to use your piece(s) outdoors to have them covered from direct sunlight.  In the winter months it would be best to store your table in a sheltered area or at least cover it with a table cover. 

When we receive your deposit you are agreeing to the terms Amen conditions outlined in these terms. All deposits are non-refundable, and the balance remaining is due upon completion. You are responsible for either picking up your piece(s) or paying to have them delivered.

Thank you for choosing True North.