Q. What makes HOG different then other furniture companies?

A. Here at HOG we work with our clients to design, build and create custom pieces for their homes. We do have collection lines but even they began from a custom design. We use solid wood and old master techniques to bring quality pieces of heirloom furniture to your home that will outlast us all. 

Q. How did HOG start? 

A. We started like any other small business.. with a passion. Nikki the founder used to work in the downtown core of Toronto in the heavy hustle and bustle for several years. The pressure got to heavy and ultimately she began to build small pieces for her home to calm the high levels of anxiety she was experiencing. Slowly she began building larger pieces and posting them on her personal page as Not Too Shabby by Nikki. Her page got lots of interest and over time she perfected her craft and even hired and train apprentices and staff. 

Q. What materials do you use?

A. We use all domestic and imported materials. Our base price is for kiln dried poplar but we will still use rough pine for a reclaimed look. All sheets are 3/4" ply wood. 

Q. How long will it take? 

A. This all depends on the current job load. Lead times are always estimated at the time of booking but we stress very strongly that it is an estimate as we are working with a natural product and things can go wrong. 

Q. Do you have a return policy? 

A. Here at True North we strive to meet all of our clients needs and expectations. However when you place your deposit it is non refundable as the funds will go towards the cost of materials for your item(s). We do however guarantee our work for 1 year towards any structural damage that may occur even though we take all the necessary procautions we are working with wood and it is a natural product that no matter what precautions we take it can at times do what it pleases. 

Q. How to I book an order? 

A. To book an order you would simply reach out to us. It is best that you have a general idea, maybe even some pics of something you like and some rough dimensions of what size you would need. Most of our clients are not always sure about the colour the want and that is not needed to be known at the time an order is placed. 

Q. How do you assemble your table tops? 

A. Here at True North we assemble all of our table tops using mortise and tenon joinery. Our table tops have absolutely no metal or screws holding our boards together. 

Q. Do you deliver? 

A. Yes, we offer deliver all across Canada and it would be an additional cost.