Essential Oil Sprays

House of Grove Essential Oil Room, Linen & Disinfecting Sprays.


Our line of amazing essential oil room, linen and disinfecting sprays are handcrafted in house using only therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from a Canadian supplier that we carefully measure to create the perfect combinations for your home. Each bottle is measured and mixed with distilled water in our recycled amber glass bottles that come in three sizes.


Our current line includes 4 amazing concoctions each brilliant and unique to itself.


Smudge- Need to cleanse your space! Maybe clear the energy? Smudge is a wonderfully earthy blend of white sage, lemon, lemongrass, cedar and frankincense.


Citrus peel- Need a pick me up! Well citrus peel with its lively punch of the 7 types of citrus oils will do just that! It’s invigorating and lively with subtle notes of vanilla to balance the tart citrus notes.


Lavender & oak- It’s time to relax, this calming soothing combination of French lavender, essence of cedar and oak, bergamot and ylang ylang and vanilla will leave you feeling relaxed and calm ready for a restful day or a sleep filled night.


Immunity- Our Immunity spray is our very own disinfecting blend! This potent blend of oils can be used on linens and in the air much like the others but can also be used as a cleaning spray on all types of surfaces. This blend includes blood orange, clementine, Clove, cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and frankincense! This spray will most certainly leave you needing more!


Our recycle and refill program!


Used up all your goodness and needing some more?! At House of Grove we encourage recycling for a cleaner, greener planet. The amber bottles used for your spray are made using recycled glass. Cole in and grab a 5-10 ml refill and simply follow the measurements based on the size of your spray bottle. Bring back your bottles and receive 20% off your next bottle purchase or bring back 5 refill bottles and receive a free refill bottle.