Aftercare Instructions


Harvest Table and Furniture 

First of all congratulations on your new one of a kind piece for your home! I am so thrilled that you chose House Of Grove to create your piece for you.

Now that you are bringing your piece home you may want to purchase some felt sticky pads for your piece to protect your wood floors at home as the pieces are solid wood and can be extremely heavy and when moving could damage your floors.

Cleaning and Care

Your one of kind piece has been either stained or painted or both to your liking and there is a top coat that was applied to protect the piece for surface scratches, marks and smudges. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean your wood furniture. The wood could possibly absorb these chemicals and if they are soapy every me you clean it will suds up. Just clean with a so cloth and warm water. I find for stains or marks I get good results with a plant based cleaner or vinegar, for tough marks I have great success with baby wipes and the magic eraser from Mr. clean but this is only for tough marks like crayons or markers. You may also use furniture oil every once in a while to bring back the brilliance of the wood, I personally have used the pledge orange oil spray and I love the smell and luster it gives the wood I do not recommend you do this treatment more than once every 6 months as the wood does absorb the oil. When writ ng or drawing on the table use a mat or magazine underneath your paper to avoid unwanted transfer marks. Always use coasters for hot plates or dishes. Keep your piece out of direct sunlight to avoid colour damage or fading, and avoid exposing your piece to excessive temperature changes.

Imperfections or movement

At House Of Grove we strive for perfect on and perfect results, but we have had to accept the fact that we are human and can make mistakes. If you happen to see any type of imperfect on with your piece please, please, please contact us! we can always fix it. As for movement, our table tops are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery and we use dowels and screws for other assembly needs. After sitting for a few months while the wood shrinks and or expands at most your pieces may seem to have a bit of movement. This honestly almost never happens but it can. If you feel that you piece has developed any kind of movement, please contact me so I can come out and tighten the joints and screws. This only needs to be done once.

Shrinking and Expanding

Wood is a natural resource that reacts to different environments. You will notice that during seasonal changes you will see that the wood will change, please know that this is normal and a natural process. In the winter when the climate is extremely cold and dry the wood will lose its moisture and dry out. This leads the wood to shrink and you may see some more noticeable gaps in your table of piece. Do not panic… come the summer when its warm and humid the wood will swell and expand back to its original state. If the gaps are extreme, please contact me to examine the piece and see if tightening is necessary.

Realtive Humidity 

Once bringing back your solid piece of furniture into your home some steps need to be taken to keep the relative humidity in your home suitable for your solid wood pieces. In the summer you need to maintain the humidity at levels no higher then 50% relative humidity. This can be controlled using a de-humidifier. In the winter you need to make sure that the relative humidity does not fall under 30% relative humidity. This can be controlled with a humidifier in the winter months. 

Thank you so much and I hope your piece brings you and your family much happiness! Please contact me with any of your concerns.