About House Of Grove

House Of Grove is a Canadian based small business located in the heart of cottage country in Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada. Here at HOG we work source our materials locally and strive to source the best lumber possible. 


Nikki- Nikki Rhea is the founder of House Of Grove . Nikki grew up in the small town of Bowmanville Ontario and other then helping her grandfather tinker here and there and wood shop in high school she had no other formal training when she first began the company which was in the beginning named "Not too shabby by Nikki".  Nikki spent nearly a decade working downtown Toronto in the financial and healthcare fields and before leaving the city life she had spent some time refinishing older pieces before it became a crazy trend with acrylic paints from the local dollar store.

Nikki- "I would come home after a stressful day in the city partnered with a long train commute and I would retreat to my garage. I didn't have a ton of extra money being single and living in a detached home in Pickering and I was tired of all my really dark furniture... so, I started to paint it all! It became a tad of an obsession lol". 

Once leaving the city due to high levels of anxiety Nikki and her family moved to a horse farm in Ashburn just north of Ajax On. It was there that during her job searches and trying to decide what to do with her life she would walk the farm and collect pieces of scrap wood.

Nikki- " it started with a need and a totally healthy addiction to Pinterest! I needed something to hold all my throw blankets that my husband always joked I had way to many of... so, I made a blanket ladder! It's actually now one of my most popular workshops that I teach in my secondary business Build Like a Girl Canada"

Nikki- " I literally learn something new everyday, wood is a natural product and it always presents its challenges and keeps me on my toes that's for sure, there have been times that I will nearly be completed an entire piece and one board will prove to be an issue and I will literally have to gut what I have worked so hard on or scratch it and start all over again. It can be extremely frustrating at times but so rewarding all together". 


Mortise & Tenon joinery 

At House Of Grove we assemble all of our table tops using mortise and tenon joinery. This is how table tops have been assembled for centuries and we like to keep our practices as primitive as possible. 


Not Too Shabby by Nikki (where it all began)