Are harvest tables a trend?

Okay let's be honest here... Harvest tables are not a trend... trends are things that change rapidly and have their moment of glory before high railing to join the scrunchies in the 80's. The truth here is that harvest tables have been around for centuries!! Literally! Don't believe me? Check out some online antique dealers to see for yourself how much a 16th century harvest style table is worth today! That's right! Thousands! Harvest tables are built to stand the test of time and have proven themselves time and time again why if it's not broke don't fix it. The only thing that I would say was trendy in part with harvest tables would be the design of the legs. You can always tell which era a harvest table is from by the design of the legs that was popular in that time. There is just something so primitive about a harvest table that reminds us that we are from a long lineage of ancestors that chopped wood to heat and eat. Harvest tables from what I have learned hold their value for years to come and are wonderful heirloom pieces for generations to come. 

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