The Process

What to expect 


The process 


As an artist that is working with wood “a natural product” things can get tricky at times. 


Once you have decided on your piece and placed your deposit to book you will be given an estimated lead time for your piece(s) to be completed. This time often varies as again it is custom work and I am only one person executing the production. 


If you have agreed upon a colour then I will reach out to you once production has begun to discuss a pickup or delivery date. 


I try to keep everyone as informed as possible but it is difficult sometimes as I am a one woman show here at House Of Grove. I am drawing, building, finishing, delivering and running the admin all on my own. If you haven’t received a response from me right away please be patient. I am not avoiding you, I am simply busy making magic happen. 


Production pictures


A couple of years ago I decided not to share production photos. It’s a personal choice that I made after many clients would question and micro manage every step I was taking and sharing. It takes the creatively away for me and it causes me much stress. Imagine seeing a half painted portrait or a half decorated wedding cake... I’m sure you would panic because it doesn’t look how it’s supposed to yet... well that’s my experience and I cannot talk every client off the ledge because their cabinet still looks like a box... it’s stressful for clients to see production photos because they’re not carpenters and it’s further stressful for me as an artist. 




Upon delivery you’re expected to pay the balance owing including any disbursements ie. delivery costs, hardware, etc. 


This payment can be made via EMT or paid directly through the invoice. 




You’re piece(s) are covered under a one year structural warranty that will replace any structural damage due to wood cupping, warping, splitting. 


Please bare in mind that in the winter months you have a responsibility to keep the relative humidity in your home above 30% to not compromise the integrity of the wood. 


I am super happy that you’re considering commissioning House Of Grove to make your one of a kind piece. 


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